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Do you have a difficult time with feedback and you're not sure why? Do you feel like it's preventing you from pursing personal or professional goal? Coaching is a great way to explore your relationship with feedback and put some practical tips into place for long term success.

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Our workshops are designed to help you effectively deliver, receive, process, and apply feedback in your everyday life. We examine your thoughts and experiences with feedback and provide you with strategies to prevent you from becoming mentally and emotionally exhausted from feedback fatigue.

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Looking for a dynamic speaker that will inspire your group to dream big and step out of their comfort zone? We have just speaker for you. Let us discuss our group goals and we'll curate a motivational talk that your team will never forget!

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NH Governors Conference
NH Governors ConferenceConference Participant

Dr. Shanita Williams is awe inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her, learning from her and embracing her message.

Feedback Mentality Book Club
Feedback Mentality Book ClubParticipant

The book was well written. It was easy to read but very thought provoking. I enjoyed the open ended questions at the end of the chapters. I also enjoyed how the book can be applied to both professional life and personal life.

Christyfaye Jimenez, MBA
Christyfaye Jimenez, MBAAssociate Training and Development Coordinator

I learned that we need to be aware of whether we are receiving feedback as a sponge or a strainer and how it effects our performance. This was so helpful in preparing the mentality of my training group when receiving feedback to improve their performance. They were more receptive and I believe, they were able to filter what they could control and some processed the feedback immediately.

Jody Moore
Jody MooreCoach

Shanita is one of the hardest working and most talented trainer/teacher/coaches I've ever worked with. She has a natural ability to be in front of a classroom and keep students or employees engaged and motivated to learn the material, regardless of content. Furthermore, her genuine desire to help people makes her the kind of instructor people remember for years to come.

NH Governors Conference
NH Governors ConferenceConference Participant

She was an engaging speaker, and was full of knowledge on her subject! She should come back next year!

Feedback Mentality Book Club
Feedback Mentality Book ClubParticipant

I found the book to be very useful and timely. As a leader, I am working on building my feedback skills and this could not have come at a better time

Simone Davis
Simone DavisFounder & CEO

Dr. Shanita Williams is a literary genius. She is well-versed in delivering feedback that makes an impact and elevates the receiver. I have had the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Williams and her book on Feedback Mentality is timely and a must read. The advice and guidance are implementable today and every day. Excellent as a training guide to help your team level up. Perfect as a gift for young adults who are trying to navigate and survive in the sometimes unforgiving world of negative feedback. If you desire to immediately manifest and unleash your full potential, both personally and professionally, then this book is for you.

Feedback Mentality Book Club
Feedback Mentality Book ClubParticipant

The book made an otherwise challenging subject much more approachable. The organization, categorization of ideas, and use of simple frameworks and mnemonics made it easier to unpack the individual elements of the feedback process. Presenting information in this way allowed me to really focus on the elements and the individual strategies, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the whole.

Pamme Boutselis
Pamme BoutselisSr. Marketing Content Director

Too often, the thought of feedback makes us feel more vulnerable than we want to be. We cringe, anticipating what’s about to be delivered. Why is that?

Dr. Shanita Williams asks us to reconsider the concept of feedback; to understand what a powerful experience it can be when we welcome feedback into our lives. After all, we receive feedback nonstop every single day, many times throughout each day, without it being named as such.

Dr. Williams takes us through the process, invites us to consider the elements, and offers personal examples in the most relatable way. There’s a lot to learn here but it never feels like schooling. It’s more like the info you’ve been waiting for, even if you hadn’t been aware you were. This is a good read, and you’ll start seeing feedback in a whole new way – and it will benefit you greatly when you do.

Dr. Cecil D. Wright
Dr. Cecil D. WrightExecutive Director of Admissions

Having connected with Shanita has re-framed my professional view as a leader in this higher education space. Her ability to empower and help align individual strengths with professional goals is amazing.

BriAnne Moates
BriAnne MoatesBeauty Consultant

Dr. Williams is amazing at what she does. I attended her workshop and it completely changed how I look at feedback and receive it to better myself. If you have the opportunity to see Dr. Williams speak go! It will change your life and business relationships tremendously

Dr. Adrienne Lawson
Dr. Adrienne LawsonSenior Director for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

What I really liked from Dr. Williams workshop was the “Feedback Mentality Self-Assessment.” This assessment provided me information on the type of mentality I have regarding feedback. I highly recommend Dr. Williams workshop to organizations, especially staff retreats or leadership development conferences.

Dr. Kendra Thomas
Dr. Kendra ThomasSr. Director, Diversity & Inclusion

When we hear the term “feedback,” we often cringe at the thought of hearing about our imperfections. What Dr. Williams does is flip that idea and describe the limitless ways we can use feedback to show appreciation, recognition, highlight areas in which one can improve, build better relationships, and develop trust. Dr. Williams also explores how feedback goes beyond the leader to a staff member; Feedback is multi-directional. I recommend this book to people at any stage of their career, who want to effectively communicate, and learn leadership skills to add to their toolkit.