1-1 Feedback Coaching

Do you have a difficult time with feedback and you're not sure why? Do you feel like it's preventing you from pursing personal or professional goal? Coaching is a great way to explore your relationship with feedback and put some practical tips into place for long term success.

Instructor-Led Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you effectively deliver, receive, process, and apply feedback in your everyday life. We examine your thoughts and experiences with feedback and provide you with strategies to prevent you from becoming mentally and emotionally exhausted from feedback fatigue.

Keynote Speaker

Looking for a dynamic speaker that will inspire your group to dream big and step out of their comfort zone? We have just speaker for you. Let us discuss our group goals and we'll curate a motivational talk that your team will never forget!

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Dr. Cecil D. Wright
Dr. Cecil D. WrightExecutive Director of Admissions

Having connected with Shanita has re-framed my professional view as a leader in this higher education space. Her ability to empower and help align individual strengths with professional goals is amazing.

BriAnne Moates
BriAnne MoatesBeauty Consultant

Dr. Williams is amazing at what she does. I attended her workshop and it completely changed how I look at feedback and receive it to better myself. If you have the opportunity to see Dr. Williams speak go! It will change your life and business relationships tremendously

Jody Moore
Jody MooreCoach

Shanita is one of the hardest working and most talented trainer/teacher/coaches I've ever worked with. She has a natural ability to be in front of a classroom and keep students or employees engaged and motivated to learn the material, regardless of content. Furthermore, her genuine desire to help people makes her the kind of instructor people remember for years to come.

Alex Laureano Jr.
Alex Laureano Jr.Laboratory Assistant

She can clearly convey that knowledge to a wide range of audiences. Her engaging interpersonal style and optimistic world view was refreshing to witness. It was a true pleasure to have her as a teacher and mentor. I highly recommend Shanita unequivocally!

Dr. Adrienne Lawson
Dr. Adrienne LawsonSenior Director for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

What I really liked from Dr. Williams workshop was the “Feedback Mentality Self-Assessment.” This assessment provided me information on the type of mentality I have regarding feedback. I highly recommend Dr. Williams workshop to organizations, especially staff retreats or leadership development conferences.

Christyfaye Jimenez, MBA
Christyfaye Jimenez, MBAAssociate Training and Development Coordinator

I learned that we need to be aware of whether we are receiving feedback as a sponge or a strainer and how it effects our performance. This was so helpful in preparing the mentality of my training group when receiving feedback to improve their performance. They were more receptive and I believe, they were able to filter what they could control and some processed the feedback immediately.