About Us

Feedback. You believe you want it and know you need it, but are you truly equipped to handle it? I have seen hundreds of people engage in a love-hate relationship with feedback… many crave feedback but when it’s finally delivered they spiral, spin or let the Impostor Syndrome take the driver seat preventing people from pursing careers, relationships, and even their dreams.  Some even struggle with positive feedback, instead of saying thank you and fully embracing their success, they resort to deflecting or highlighting their shortcomings. So what’s the real issue?


You need a Feedback Mentality – and that’s where we come in! We specialize in helping people develop a Feedback Mentality by learning how to use feedback to unlock and unleash their potential.  We will help you get unstuck and untangled from the thoughts that weight you down so that you can take action in a healthy way. Work with us to develop your Feedback Mentality and you’ll never look at feedback the same way again!

The Book: Feedback Mentality

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